My Last Chance is Cocaine Abuse Treatment


Cocaine often feels like a glamorous, sexy drug when first used. People abusing cocaine feel more social, more powerful and smarter.
Sadly, what feels so good in the beginning quickly becomes a problem for both the body and mind,
often causing catastrophic harm to users’ physical systems.Cocaine Abuse Treatment

Cocaine Abuse Treatment

Cocaine Abuse Treatment

Physical Effects Leading Users to Cocaine Abuse Treatment

Few drugs work as efficiently or markedly on the brain as cocaine. These effects wear off quickly, so users frequently don’t realize that the drug carries long-term effects. Users enjoy the high of coke so much that they often aren’t the first to recognize the permanent damage the drug is causing to their bodies.

Short-Term Results of Cocaine Use

Cocaine interferes with how the brain absorbs chemicals like dopamine and serotonin, as well as in how brain nerves operate. These changes lead to almost instant euphoria for cocaine users who also become energized. Feeling invincible, able to go longer periods without eating and less sleepy add to this increased energy to create a false sense of productivity and empowerment.

Long-Term Results of Cocaine Use

Cocaine is shared in social and business settings as a means of becoming more engaged, likable and energized. It’s considered a party drug, often even referred to as a party favor.

But what people don’t often discuss before use is that heart arrhythmia, abdominal problems, nausea, ulcers and severe headaches can result from long-term use. The kidneys also suffer, as do veins, the nasal septum and throat. Nosebleeds and a hoarse throat are common effects early in cocaine abuse.

Cocaine Abuse Treatment in PA at Steps to Recovery

At Steps to Recovery in Levittown, PA, cocaine abuse treatment in PA can provide the freedom from this far-reaching problem in your life. Whether you have decided that it’s time to gain recovery because the drug is a negative factor in daily living or due to fear of serious medical consequences of using cocaine, getting treatment is the right decision.

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